Are You Artistic?

The Granite is looking for artistic people who can paint backdrop scenery.
Put your creativity and vision on stage
Be a part of the magic of live theatre.

Interested? Call Artistic Director
David Jepson at 401-348-0555 



Desperately Seeking Sandy?

The Granite's Artisitic Director is looking for a sandy-colored,
medium-sized dog to play "Sandy"
in our production of

"ANNIE - The Musical"
running Nov 23 - Dec 23. 
Launch your best friend's acting career!

Jokes My Irish Father Told Me

2 Irish men

Come and join the fun as Comedian Dave Kane brings you a laugh filled presentation of jokes, one liners and stories that celebrate the Irish sense of humor!
Friday, July 27th, 8PM
One night only! Tickets $20

Audition Notice

Auditions Schedule

All audtions dates and times
are subject to change so
check back here often.